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Escalade Sports ladder works on rating system call Glicko. Each player is given a starting rank when they sign up. Each time you play against a player within the same ladder your score is increased or decreased depending on the result. The scoring on each match is worked out by the history of both players. If the players are evenly matched more points for a win will be given. If players from either end of the ladder play then the score will be lower, even if the weaker player wins (as this would be a random result). It may take several attempts for a player to beat the player above them to move up the ladder. It may also be possible to move a number of places up and down the ladder on one result. Players are also penalised for inactivity, so if you reach the top and ignore challenges your ranking will decrease. The ranking system will renew every week. Games within that week will be stored and new rankings will be calculated.



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